13th Level of Consciencness

Through the Final Half Step Figure 12-30 shows the head, the pineal gland and the thirteenth chakra. Eventually our consciousness is going to be located at the pineal gland, and we’re going to want to get up to the thirteenth chakra.
The most obvious way is to go straight up, but God made sure that that was not the way because it’s the most obvious. He changed the angle so that you can’t find it, so that you will stay in the pineal until you really master it.

Just as on the eight-chakra-system drawing (fig. 12-10)—where there’s a block after the third chakra so you can’t get into the upper chakras—there’s another block toward the back of the head, where the half step is.

Experientially, it is very difficult to figure it out. The Tibetans say that you can’t go up to the thirteenth chakra unless you go to the back of the head first. You have to find the doorway, and once you do, you can step through it.

Melchizedek, Drunvalo. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 2 (Kindle Locations 2549-2550). Light Technology Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The Secret of Secrets

One Must MASTER, his SOUL. By Practise, Practise, Practise,  Practising Daily. 

"I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE, I AM TRUTH, I AM that I AM" Siddartha / The Alchemist.

Wear for Self-Healing and Protection. Enjoy more positivity and vitality.


Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum. Tet = Pillar Ra = Sun

Together it is the “Pillar of the Sun” – A tool of transformation, purity, power & stability.


The Forty Two Books Of ThothViewed Through The Hermetic Tradition As Expressed In The Tarot Of Saqqara

by Donald Beaman


Copy of the 12th Crystal Skull - Atlantis Higher Conscience Level